Listening, composing and performing are the foundation of Projects, Patric Standford’s exciting, practical composition manual that meets the varied demands of ‘A-level’ and undergraduate courses.

The Emperor's Orchestra (12th December 1999)

a musical tale for children with narrator

Down to Earth (11th September 2001)

There was a time when music was regarded as a mystery...

Moods and music (25th February 2003)

When we think we know the circumstances of a composer's life that produced a particular mood in the music we are more often than not deluding ourselves.

Composers (31st January 2006)

Patric considers what composers are now for?

Music or Celebrity...? (1st May 2013)

Sir Colin Davies said he would far rather people left the concert hall thinking about the music rather than the people playing or directing it.

Recorders (2nd October 2013)

The recorder, an instrument with a long history, that needs composers to challenge its potential.

Balancing new and old (5th January 2014)

It seems both interesting and curious that whilst our classical concert programmes are packed tightly with music written in the 18th and 19th centuries, the popular literary diet is not!