Ancient Verses: Three Poems for SATB chorus and percussion

Patric Standford Ancient Verses extract 1.mp3

Sample 1: Ancient Verses: Voracious time

Patric Standford Ancient Verses extract 2.mp3

Sample 2: Ancient Verses: Elegy on Lorenzo de'Medici

Patric Standford Ancient Verses extract 3.mp3

Sample 3: Patric Standford Ancient Verses extract A wolf and the lamb




14 minutes


  • Choral Music
  • Percussion


SATB Chorus: 4perc

Ancient Verses was originally commissioned for the Birmingham Festival Chorus with organ accompaniment in 1978, and was later rewritten with percussion for Toni Kaljuste and his Ellerhain Chamber Choir of Tallin.

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The texts include: Voracious time devours everything, moves all things from their places, allows nothing to endure for long…. (Seneca the younger, 4BC-AD65); Elegy on Lorenzo de’Medici: Who will give me water for my head? Who will give me a fountain of tears that I may weep by night and day? (Poliziano, after Jeremiah 9:1); A wolf and the lamb The wolf, urged by an insatiable gullet, puts forward several false accusations to justify slaughtering the fearful lamb; a fable on account of those who oppress the innocent under false pretences. (Phaedrus, 15BC-AD50)

Text: Latin




Ancient Verses Broadcast

29th June 1988

BBC Singers conducted by Simon Joly with percussionists James Holland, David Johnson, David Corkhill, David Hckings, Terence Emery, Tristram Fry, Charles Fullbrook.